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Four Blessings ⼤四喜 - Option 3

MYR 128.00

Probability: 1 in 57,856 

This winning hand contains melds or combinations of the 4 directional tiles of the wind: East, South, West and North and is one of the most difficult to achieve. Winning the Four Big Blessings or Four Big Winds (as it is also called) is akin to attaining the four most important goals in Chinese traditional thought: the blessings of Longevity, Wealth, Good Health and Love of Virtue.  

This Chinese New Year is going to be different, with many of us separated and unable to meet up physically  some on the east coast, some on the west, some up north and some down south. But just as one would strive for the 4 melds of the Wind to come together for this elusive winning hand, as a family we will defy the odds, come together in spirit, and wish one another the gift of Four Blessings. 

The Big Four Blessings gift set features our top four signature flavoured nuts from our popular NUTTY series. 

Send this gift set to your family & friends to wish them the Four Blessings and to let them know you sincerely care for them. 

What’s included in the gift set:

Caramel Pecans (200g)
Chilli Lime Cashew (260g) 
Korean BBQ Almond (270g) 
Oven Roasted Cashew (270g)
CNY Mahjong-Themed giftbox

[Pre-order] and have this sent to you 15th January onwards

Four Blessings ⼤四喜 - Option 3

MYR 128.00