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Orange Cookie 橘子曲奇 (CNY Version)

MYR 24.00

Buttery and crumbly with orange bits, this is a completely no-fuss-just-cookie cookie. It's basically the best orange juice - but in cookie form. Perfect with a cup of tie-guan-yin or even oolong tea. 

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Orange Cookie 橘子曲奇 (CNY Version)

MYR 24.00
  • Where does the nuts originate from?

    Different nuts come from different countries. We are fussy about the choice of nuts we used. They are sourced from trusted suppliers who produce high quality products.

  • Are the products halal?

    Our products are halal certified and produced in a halal certified facility. 

  • How Long Do Nuts Last After Opening?

    All our snacks come with a '“Best Before” label. However, our products do not contain preservatives, we highly recommend you to consume within 2 weeks after opening. After all the fresher, the better.

  • Can I order in bulk for my office?

    Yes you can. Just drop us a message at to get in touch.