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Thirteen Wonders ⼗三么

MYR 68.00

Probability: 1 in 2,464 

This combination is known to be one of the strongest winning hands in mahjong. You depend on your own drawing luck and power. It consists of each of the 4 Winds, each of the 3 Dragons,  the numbers one and nine in each of the three suits (Dots, Characters and Bamboos). The Thirteen Wonders is also known as the Thirteen Orphans. Individually, the various tiles cannot become a winning hand; however, together they form one of the strongest winning hands in mahjong. This reminds us that although we may be strong alone, together we are stronger.

The Thirteen Wonders gift set features three different types of cookies from our best-selling cookie collection orange, pecan walnut and dark chocolate designed to lift your spirits and cheer you up.

Send this gift set to your family & friends to remind them they are not alone and to give them strength and hope during these trying times.

What’s included in the gift set:

Orange Cookies (260g)
Pecan Walnut Cookies (260g)
Dark Chocolate Cookies (260g)

[PRE-ORDER] yours now and get it on 15th January onwards! 

Thirteen Wonders ⼗三么

MYR 68.00