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Honey Sesame Walnut

MYR 5.50



Our honey sesame walnuts will make you NUTS about us. Introducing our guilt-free dessert, so you never have to feel guilty about snacking again. Our honey sesame walnuts are perfectly roasted with a honey sesame glaze. The delicate sweetness of the honey, the fragrance of the roasted sesame seeds and the bitterness of the walnuts complement each other perfectly to give your taste buds the perfect bittersweet crunch! Perfect to fix your sweet tooth cravings! 

Walnuts are primarily made up of protein and polyunsaturated fats, of which a high proportion is made up of omega-3 fat. They are also one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidants. Most importantly, walnuts have been linked to improved brain function and possibly the slowing down of the progression of Alzheimer’s. Did someone say Walnuts will make me smarter?


  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Super plant source of Omega 3s
  • Loaded with antioxidants 
  • Great for heart health & brain health

Walnut, Sesame Seed, Honey, 
Sugar, Salt

Origin of Nuts:
United States

Allergen Information:
Contain traces of tree nuts (such as walnut)

Suitable for:


Kacang Kenari SnackRight disalut dan dipanggang dengan bijan madu. Ia memberikan kacang kenari kita profil rasa yang sangat unik dengan kemanisan madu dan keharuman bijan yang dipanggang. Jika anda mengidam makan aiskrim atau pencuci mulut, Kacang Kenari Bijan Madu SnackRight boleh menjadi pengganti yang sihat. 

Kacang Kenari terdiri daripada protein dan lemak tak tepu - yang sebahagian besarnya terdiri daripada lemak omega-3. Mereka juga merupakan salah satu sumber pemakanan yang kaya dengan antioksidan. Paling penting, walnut telah dikaitkan dengan fungsi otak yang lebih baik dan dikaitkan dengan memperlahankan perkembangan Alzheimer. Pernahkah anda dengar orang tua berkata Walnut akan menjadikan anda lebih bijak pandai?

Kenari, Bijian, Madu, Gula, Garam

Negara Asal:
Amerika Syarikat

Alergi Informasi:
Mengandungi tree nuts

    Honey Sesame Walnut

    MYR 5.50
    • Where does the nuts originate from?

      Different nuts come from different countries. We are fussy about the choice of nuts we used. They are sourced from trusted suppliers who produce high quality products.

    • Are the products halal?

      Our products are halal certified and produced in a halal certified facility. 

    • How Long Do Nuts Last After Opening?

      All our snacks come with a '“Best Before” label. However, our products do not contain preservatives, we highly recommend you to consume within 2 weeks after opening. After all the fresher, the better.

    • Can I order in bulk for my office?

      Yes you can. Just drop us a message at info@snackright.co to get in touch.