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5 perfect Christmas Gifts for the fitness/health enthusiast

It seems like these days, everyone is a health nut - from being a yogi, to a run enthusiast to a gym fanatic. So what do you get for that fitness-obsessed friend of yours? Broaden your Christmas-gifting horizons with our Christmas gift guide.

#1 SnackRight REINDEER to dream collection (Below MYR 100)

Do your fitness junkie friends a favour and remind them that Christmas is all about indulging, but with SnackRight, they can indulge healthily. SnackRight’s Asian-inspired flavoured nuts taste just as good as an indulgent snack. This makes it easier for them to make healthier snack choices, especially during this jolly season where we are often surrounded by such indulgent snacks (thinking Christmas pudding)!

The REINDEER to dream collection features SnackRight’s best sellers:- 

  • Honey Sesame Walnuts
  • Chilli Lime Cashew
  • Korean BBQ Almond 
  • Oven Roasted Cashew
  • Dried Cranberry

#2 Hydroflask (Below MYR 200)

For any workout-fanatic, it is paramount to get in some protein 20 minutes within your workout. It really is all about fueling your fitness! And we all know the best post-workout snack is chocolate milk. It has just the right carbohydrates to protein ratio for the best absorption. 

Help a workout buddy out by gifting them a Hydroflask, so they can keep their fresh chocolate milk cold, ready to be consumed after a tough workout. They will be thanking you after every workout when they are downing that ice cold chocolate milk. 

Photo Credits: @hydroflask.my

#3 NAKED belt (Below MYR 300)

Perfect for keeping your valuables close to you whether you are hiking, running, or doing a HIIT workout. The best feature is that it is no-bounce. You practically won’t feel a thing, really making the NAKED belt such an apt brand name for one of the best inventions in the fitness industry. 

It’s loved by athletes of all shapes and sizes from every corner of the world, and really, all fitness enthusiasts could use one of these.

Photo Credits: @running_simple

#4 KIEHLS Brighten and Protect set (Below MYR 400)

All fitness enthusiasts put their skin through a lot, from sweat to run, to blood to tears. Remember to give your skin some love! 

KIEHLS brighten and protect set treats, protects and soothes for healthier and glowing skin, really giving any fitness junkie the pampering their skin deserves. 

Photo Credits: mykiehls

# 5 Manduka Yoga Mat (MYR 500) 

Whether you are a yogi, or a gym beast, or a run enthusiast, everyone could use a good yoga mat. Post-run/post-gym stretches are a really significant part of training, yet it is often overlooked. We know it’s an important component of injury prevention, yet we somehow neglect it. 

Remind your fitness buddy the significance of stretching with a Manduka yoga mat - designed by yogis, trusted by teachers worldwide. The entire foundation of the Manduka business was founded on the simplest idea that a better yoga mat could make a world of a difference, and what a difference it has made in the world. The quality of the yoga mats are unparalleled. This would up your fitness buddy’s stretching experience.

Photo Credits: @mandukamalaysia

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