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MCO 3.0 - When life gives us lemons, we - Learn, Adapt, Overcome

With the enforcement of a stricter MCO, brick and mortar retail businesses will have to pivot. For us at SnackRight, this means a paradigm shift in focus from our offline channel, to something we are completely unfamiliar with - the online world. This is about survival - we know we need to learn, adapt, overcome! 

For us at SnackRight, coming into the stricter enforcement of the MCO, we have only one mission - to take care of all our retail associates!


With us, we have Mai who’s smile just brightens up the world of every customer and passerby. She greets every passerby with respect and her sheer determination to share her passion and love for our SnackRight products becomes the very trait that many of our customers praise and admire. 

Next we have Pavel - who’s customer service is unparalleled. He embodies the very saying - customer is king. There is an added personal touch to every customer he serves. We have had countless customers write in anonymously to praise his outstanding 5 minutes of customer service. 

We also have Benny. There is a saying that every team needs a joker. He is precisely that. He has the odd ability of making people laugh. His jokes lightens up the mood and keeps the team going through mellow and stressful times.


With the shortening of business hours and drop in customer footfall, we are hoping to carve out a jobscope in the online delivery for our retail associates. If you happen to be a fan of nuts & dried fruits, check us out online and give SnackRight products a try! We assure you, our snacks & our service will not disappoint! 

This is going to be a defining moment for us. Your support & patronage is needed now, more than ever!

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